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Santon Steel products Co., LTD. Is an enterprise of trade and export which has the business scopes of steel processing and sales, mold processing. Our company mainly sells and processes plastic mold steels, hardware tool steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, the non standard cavity machining, customized molds and customized large ......
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Tang steel and Zhuhai Zhen Rong Company
Tang Steel Co., Ltd. and Aluminum Corpor
Dongguan Santon Steel products Co., LTD
E-mail :
Tel : 0769—85848581/85845671/85845672/85845673
Fax : 0769—85848580
Address:No.109#,YinCheng Road 2,XiaBian District, ChangAn Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong prov, China
Hongkong Santon Steel products Co., LTD
Tel : 00852-21395855
Fax : 00852-81673777
Unit B,10/F Lee May buillding 788-790 Nathan road Mongkok Kowloon, HK

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